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Dirt Road Pretty Clothing is a specialty fashion boutique that serves a vast female demographic. Providing goods to customers both on a local and global scale; we carry today's favorite moderately priced quality, character brands that you'll find fingering over the pages of many celebrity and fashion magazines.

Our mission as an independently owned and operated establishment is to construct a deeper confidence within all types of women through our products and fashion consulting services that will leave her with the ability to look and feel her very best no matter what the occasion.  We thank you for choosing to support our locally owned and operated business.  We believe in the importance of supporting Canadian brands where possible, building our national economy strong. 

Our home store, tucked in Alberta's Heartland, was established in 2014 to offer the small town girl the best labels found in city boutiques, selected with her lifestyle in mind. The idea behind our collection is to provide pieces for her that are a blend of romantic, rebellious, flirty or classic but with a current day flair.

Proudly Canadian, we are your top choice web retailer, where you can access your favorite stylish goods without the surprise of duty clearances or hidden taxes on highly sought after lines.

We strive to offer competitive pricing on all the items we sell offering FREE or reduced cost shipping rates based on your order total. 

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